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The core idea of Stress Proof Your Money is to share the ‘knowledge’, the 'language of money', the ways to stress-proof your finances, the financial game plan, and tools, as well as the investment strategy that’s been practiced by the world wealthiest list! Stress Proof Your Money will be a compilation of the advises, ideas, great minds, philosophies, game plans of the world great man, such as George Samuel Clason, Napoleon Hill, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and much more. And interpret these 'knowledge' in a way anyone can understand. Thus, the content is kept brief and to the point, so anyone will be able to get it and then apply it.


Ideology of Stress Proof Your Money

The unequal distribution of global wealth, social inequality, and wealth pyramid does exist! And the top 10% control 90% of global wealth combined? That is not a myth. The RICH controls because they have the ‘wide-moat’ or 'knowledge', and they are well AHEAD of the game and ready since young, both mindset and wealth.


The 'Moat' separating the RICH and the REGULAR is the 'Language of Money'

To diminish the inequality is not impossible, but tough, for the mindset of the REGULAR need to change and adapt. You see, the RICH could donate away all of their properties and assets, but they will still climb up to the top, because the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren inherited the ‘knowledge’, they understand the 'Language of money'.

Stress Proof Your Money hopes to spread out the message, that with correct money mindset, along with the knowledge and tool, becoming rich and toward financial freedom is entirely possible. For Mindset would change a person’s Belief or Faith, and then his attitudes, followed by behavior, and habit eventually!


Behind Stress Proof Your Money

During my early 20s years, like most millennial, I’ve no idea how important it is to have a healthy and strong personal finances and investment, and like the most clueless youngster, I’ve wasted my early great time and miss the opportunity of laying a foundation for investing wisely. 

It is only when I started my career that I become interested in money matters, it was during the period that I met my mentor, that guides me and leads me to the correct course, on the importance of having a correct money mindsets, that one must grasp the ‘language of money’ and knowledge, and took discipline and persistence in applying the knowledge learned, only then, a rich life is possible.

Since then, I started to apply the concept and along the journey had learned to make investing decisions with the money. With the advice and techniques that I learned from my mentors, books, and courses, I started to earn a decent return on my finances and investment, a step closer to my life purposes!

Thus, the reason for the website, is to help you, the millennial, the importance of finances and investment, as I have learned from my mentors, and I hope to provide you  the advice and tools, so you could make the most  of your money and investments so you too can meet your goals and dreams.


Why follow Stress Proof Your Money

This site is created particularly for the Millennials and iGens, I wouldn't consider myself to be a financial guru, however, I have a background in engineering and being an individual investor for few years, I had not gone through formal education in finance, but I had learnt and trained from my mentors and the very best, and interpret their information and advice in a much simpler form, so you could pick up right away.

More importantly, is the ideology of Stress Proof Your Money, and you wish to be a part of the community, you wish to make a change in life, both financially and lifestyle. I wouldn't guarantee the success overnight, the ride will be bouncy, but one thing I promise, this journey will be a hell lot of fun!

So, would you want to wake up in your bed every day and believe whatever you want to believe? Or you want to stay in the Wonderland and explore how deep the rabbit hole goes? Remember to subscribe and share it with your friends.


Jeremy Kho


Stress Proof Your Money


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