A Revelation on Time and Money

I guess you have now understood the relationship of time and money

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Time is Money, then? No, It is NOT! and it took me many years to truly understand the meaning!

It is important to know this little secret of many successful entrepreneurs, they believe that time is not money. Now I know you will say,

"Wait a second, isn’t the employees or consultants being paid by the hour, traded their time and earn the money and many things to associate with hourly rates?"

"Isn't it true that the traders utilise the time in trying to make thousands of small stock market trades in order to maximise their profits?" – (Yes, which made them traders, and not investors! This is another story I would like to keep for another time.)

Anway, this is where the majority got mislaid and thus, attempt to do more in less time and thus, hop on the hamster wheel, running as fast as they can as if competing against time, sad to say, eventually many lost sight of why they started on that track in the first place.

“You are being paid off the Value you provide”

Remember, you are being paid off the value you provide, never the time! Time is time and money is money, time is something that is irreplaceable, it is not tradable, you cannot buy them or sell It. Can you save it for later use? No way. Money, on the other hand, is a more like a commodity that we can earn, invest, save and spend.

“You will be paying more than you should if you still hold the concept of time is money!”

As we revealed earlier that many entrepreneurs hold true to this concept, they know an important realisation, that they will only get paid for the value they provide, and never the time they invested.

Time is not about “When”, It had always been about “How”

So when come to spend your time or money, choose wisely, don’t lose track and end up in the endless cycle.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein

The message here is that keep waiting and procrastination is some forms of insanity! Agree?

And now my question to you, would you rather pay to learn about something now, or wait to learn that something when you feel the time is right? Remember it is always about you. The choice is yours.

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