Your Attitude Towards Your Personal Finance

Positive attitudes toward personal finance: The economy is turbulent, recessions here and there, the cost of living is high, my boss gave me a pay cut. All these are realities in the world economy of today, but what really keeps one afloat through all of this is the right and positive mindset to finance. There … Read moreYour Attitude Towards Your Personal Finance

Pay Off Debt the Smart Way

There are two popular ways to tackle debt: the avalanche method and the snowball method. Using the first, you prioritize paying down the debts with the highest interest rates. Using the second, you focus on knocking out the smallest debts to get the momentum going. Here’s a cheat sheet created to do just that, you … Read morePay Off Debt the Smart Way

Do You Want to become An Invested Millennial?

Are you delaying the decisions that would garner you positive prospects for financial security? Are you looking for strategies to organize your finances and ways to make more money? Are you willing to change your attitude towards investment to become an invested millennial?     Then, preorder your copy of The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to … Read moreDo You Want to become An Invested Millennial?

Stop Being a Poor Procrastinator!

Procrastination be seen as a habit or the act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. While some cases are minor, others, however, have a  habit of procrastination which has evolved to such extreme levels that it ends up having severe negative effects on the lives of such individuals. … Read moreStop Being a Poor Procrastinator!