How can one become part of the 1%?

Here’s some fun fact to get you started, this was based on the recent report from Credit Suisse, however, it is based on one’s Net Worth (where debts have been subtracted) and not their income.
The unequal distribution of global wealth, social inequality, and wealth pyramid does exist! And the top 10% control 90% of global wealth combined is not a myth!
And in order to become part of the 1%, you’d need a total of USD759,900 in Net Worth. As for the top 10%? You’d only need USD68,500. Pretty easy right?!
Now is it possible for a millennial to be part of this 1% community?
There’re 3 ways:
  • Inheritance
  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
And here’s something to get you started, through a system called automatic money management, DO check it out.


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