Small Gift to Kick-start Your 2017 Financial Journey

With 2016 coming to end, I am sure some of you would have achieved some of your goals, be it small or big. Entering 2017, it will be a challenging year ahead, for Stress Proof Your Money, there will be much planning ahead, so stay tuned! Oh, if you had not yet subscribed, you can subscribe HERE.

Now here's a small gift for you, a saving template, and Nope, this is not the regular saving challenge, I want you to save for a Purpose, with a Goal, for without a purpose or goal, surely you will take this for granted, I want you to treat this seriously. 

Click Here to download the tool

Come on, we are talking about achieving your Goal! With using just a simple System!

As the idea of Stress Proof Your Money, I don't want you to stress out on any money matters, this tool holds the same principle, I will only need about 15 minutes of your time. With only 3 steps.

  • Write down your short-term goal, be specific. Then input the required data.
  • From the template calculated amount needed, go to your banking account, and set the monthly recurring amount for the required duration.
  • Print out the template and paste on the wall where you could see it every day.

and you are one more step ahead toward achieving your goal! Remember:

journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What if you have more than one goal? or goal that required a longer duration of saving? Well, you are free to edit the template for your own usage, my only request? Please share this with your friends and family!

One last thing,

The 3 ebooks on Millennial Investing are now available on Amazon at discount. Don't miss out this opportunity to invest in yourself in 2017. Cheers! and Happy 2017!

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