How can one become part of the 1%?

Here’s some fun fact to get you started, this was based on the recent report from Credit Suisse, however, it is based on one’s Net Worth (where debts have been subtracted) and not their income. The unequal distribution of global wealth, social inequality, and wealth pyramid does exist! And the top 10% control 90% of global … Read more

Your SPYM Financial Assistant – Your Ultimate Guide to becoming Rich

According to research, Close to 9 in 10 households today engage in some type of formal or informal financial planning, be it having a comprehensive financial planning or a basic planning, This, however, is not the main point… You see,  the Questions are, have you ever stumbled across the following questions in your financial life? … Read more

Take Control of Your Finances Now!

You would think that millionaires are characterized by their big houses, flashy sport cars, and expensive jewelry. But Wrong! Most of the millionaires were average people, living in average houses, driving regular cars. They tend to have small businesses of their own, and their lives are characterized by long working hours and a high level … Read more